os4500 Multipoint, High Temperature Probes
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Multipoint, High Temperature Probes

Luna’s os4500 Series Multipoint, High Temperature Probes are sealed, stainless steel tubes that are designed to make handling easy and sensor installation fast and repeatable in the most challenging environments. It is based on femtosecond grating technology. and since there are no epoxies holding the fiber to the tube, long term stability is ensured by design.





In side by side comparisons with conventional thermocouples, the os4500 is equally sensitive and accurate, while providing sub-second response time, wider operating range, no calibration, and no EMI noise.  The os4500 temperature probe is qualified for use in harsh environments and delivers the many advantages inherent to all FBG based sensors. 

This sensor can be used alone or in series at the end of an FBG sensor array. Installation and cabling for such arrays is much less expensive and cumbersome than comparable electronic gage networks. Options  include packages that operate like conventional thermocouples with armored cables and protected connectors, and small probes that provide the user with both installation flexibility and sub-second response time. 

The os4500 series of sensors are compatible with ENLIGHT Sensing Analysis Software, which provides an integrated suite of tools for data acquisition, computation and analysis of optical sensor networks as well as the HYPERION platform's comprehensive Application Programming Interface (API) and examples written in LabVIEW, Python, Matlab, C++ and C#.