3L Technologies Inc. is established in 2007 which research and the development department has over one decade experiences could provide whole plan and design to satisfy customers. Offering professional construction of the FBG (Fiber Bragg Grating) optical sensor system. Manufacturing various types of FBG sensor instrument. 3L has teamed up with famous research laboratories in several cooperative programs to develop specific sensors and devices. According to the testing results on the spot and market mainstream, 3L is still improving and developing new products.

3L acts as an agent for the internationally renowned fiber sensing instrument company “LUNA”(Luna Innovations), providing various High-Speed Multipoint Fiber Optic Sensing, High-Definition Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing, Terahertz Gauging and Imaging, various types of FBG sensors, high-resolution sensors, sensing analysis software, etc. Among them, FBG sensors include strain gauges, thermometers, accelerometers, displacement gauges, inclinometers, piezometers, and are widely used in civil structures, oil and gas pipelines, wind turbines, safety monitoring of shipping rail transportation and aerospace industry.

LUNA’s website:https://lunainc.com/